Collection: Bootcamp Music

Stay Pumped During Your Workouts

If you ever need to keep the fire burning during a session of HIIT or want a pumping beat to spice up your classes, boot camp music is a fantastic way to do just that and we’ve got a great selection of bootcamp tunes to help you kickstart your workouts or bring them to a whole new level.

Bootcamp music can also be great for when you need to set the mood when you’re teaching classes. Whether it’s training them in sports or teaching them the basics of HIIT, you can give them an upbeat background tune to train to and make things a lot more interesting.

Our selection of tunes is specifically chosen for workout and teaching purposes, meaning you’re not going to get a dull track in our playlist. It’s easy to download and start playing instantly through your phone or computer, and they’re in MP3 format as well, meaning they’ll work on virtually anything that plays music!

Spice Up Your Workout Today

WSHQ: Workout Music provides many different music genres and the tracks are specifically picked out for workout and fitness purposes. For an exciting session, you can even mix the songs and match them to the intensity of the workout you’re doing.

Our MP3s can easily be downloaded and you don’t need to wait for a CD to arrive!

Simply download and the music is forever yours to keep.