Collection: Aerobics Music

The Best License Free Aerobics Music For Aerobics Classes

Aerobics can be a brilliant way to work out, but it can often be a little dull without some background music making it more interesting. Not only can it make your sessions more lively, but aerobics music can also help you get into the mood and urge you to push your body to new limits.

The aerobics music that we’ve picked out is fantastic for all of your workout needs. If you want high-energy pumping beats or a more subtle sound to accompany your workout, we’ve got something that will suit your tastes.

Find your perfect playlist with our different collections and feel free to mix and match the tunes that we’ve selected to create your ultimate aerobics music collection! Whether you’re part of an aerobics group or teach a class, we’ve got the perfect accompaniment to your workouts.

Download Our Tunes, No CDs Required

All of our tunes are in MP3 format, meaning you can easily download them and play them on any device that supports MP3 playback. Whether it’s a set of Bluetooth speakers you’ve bought for your class, or a mobile phone connected to a larger sound system, it’s convenient and easy to play music from us.

Once you’ve made a purchase, the MP3s are yours to play wherever you want. You don’t need a CD player and you don’t need to wait for it to arrive. Simply buy a collection of our aerobics music and you’ll get instant access!