Collection: Tabata Music

License Free Tabata Music For Tabata Classes

The right music has a transformative effect on a workout. For Tabata Training, you need music that matches the intensity of the intervals, and that’s exactly what WSHQ® can provide with our range of Tabata music.

All our Tabata albums are crafted to be used for a range of Tabata sessions. The music is specifically created with the timing of the high-intensity interval training in mind with intervals timed into the music to fit your workout down to the very second, making the job of instructing all the easier.

Music plays a huge impact on exercise, helping us go harder for longer and, with Tabata, the changing pace helps groups acclimate to the intervals all the sooner.

Set the pace with interval-timing Tabata music

Music can serve as a timer during the workout, with changing rhythms, beats, and tempos highlighting the change from one interval to the next. Rather than relying on instruction alone, our Tabata music allows the class to feel the shift in their mind and body.

All of our Tabata music is license free and can be used in commercial Tabata classes, online classes, both pre-recorded for YouTube or Facebook and live streaming by Tabata instructors.

At WHSQ®, we have a range of Tabata music albums to ensure you get the right sound and the right tempo, whether you’re a Tabata instructor or a Tabata enthusiast looking to up your exercise. All music files come in MP3 file downloads, too, so there’s no need to buy and wait for a CD.