About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at WSHQ, is to source the best producers to make license free workout music for group fitness instructors better so instructors do not need to use traditional music or worry whether they have the right license.


We started out way back in 2012. At the time, owner Dan Steptoe-Thompson had over 20 bootcamp franchises in the UK and had HIIT license free music created for his boot camp venues.

Other instructors started approaching him to use the music in their classes and 'Bootcamp Download' was created with the music downloaded in multiple countries worldwide. 

In 2018 we changed our name to WSHQ and expanded into new niches including continuous and increasing BPM music for classes like Aerobics, as well as relaxing music for classes like Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga.   

To date we produced over 75 license free albums and are looking forward to hitting the 100 album milestone soon.