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Whether you’re working out in the gym, at home or with your friends in a group, workout music can help you set the scene and make it a lot more interesting and fun. Workouts are generally quite long and boring, and music has the power to get you pumped or make time fly during workouts.

Everyone has been exposed to music before and everyone has had music trigger some kind of emotional response. Whether it’s getting excited when you hear your favourite pop song or getting motivated by a club track that you love, music has the power to quite literally move us!

We’ve handpicked many collections of music for any type of workout that you do. Whether you love spinning, yoga, pilates or HIIT, we’ve got the perfect workout music to match your type of exercise. Whether you workout in private at home or even teach a class, our music can be used in a number of different situations.

It’s easy to add some excitement to your workouts through music, and you can even make them a little more relaxing with some soothing background sounds that will help clear your mind and allow you to focus on your exercise.

All of our music can be downloaded in MP3 format, meaning you don’t need to wait for a CD to arrive and you can play them as soon as they’ve been downloaded. Simply pick a category that you like, download the tracks then you can experience the uplifting effects that music has on our workouts.

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