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Yoga Music With Niki Wibrow, Vol. 1

Yoga Music With Niki Wibrow, Vol. 1

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Yoga Music for Pros and Home Listening

Are you a yoga teacher or do you practice yoga at home? When you start to practice yoga, music soon becomes an essential part of your life. The right kind of music can truly enhance your yoga workout and put you in the "zone" as many yoga nuts say.

For professionals such as yoga teachers, finding the right kind of music is vital. Sure, you can spend hours putting together your own combo, but would you not
rather be teaching the art of yoga instead? Yoga Music, Vol. 1 with Niki Wibrow is perfect for all kinds of yoga. It has a good blend of music which will help to
enhance your yoga session.

Music which floats and drifts will aid to complement your workout. The music compilation put together by Niki Wibrow does just that. When you have rushed
from your busy urban life to your yoga class, you need something which grounds you right away. Niki's wonderful mix of soothing tunes and sounds offers an
escape from our intense world of noise. This music is truly what we all need to enrich our lives.

Top reasons you should invest in Niki's Wibrow's Yoga Music, Vol. 1:

  • 15 great tracks to enhance your work out
  • Suitable for both professionals and personal use
  • Don't need to be a yoga nut to appreciate this music
  • Helps you to relax

This wonderful music is great for everybody. When you come home from work after a busy day, it is the kind of music which will help you to relax. Invest in it
today to help you to relax and chill out. Perfect before bedtime to make you forget about your troubles and let you drift off into a soothing sleep. This music
will truly let you declutter your head and bring some focus back. Go ahead and treat yourself to something really special which will enhance your life.

Our 1st volume of relaxing Yoga music is broken down into 15 wonderful ambient tracks.

Yoga teacher Niki Wibrow Says: "This is a collection of some of my favourite yoga sounds. Its the perfect accompaniment to your yoga class or great for home practice. The ambient sounds are reminiscent of lazy sunset days on the beach, or relaxing adventures by the sea."

This Yoga music is royalty free, meaning it can be used on online classes, both pre-recorded for YouTube or Facebook and live streaming by instructors.

You do not need a PPL or PRS license (UK), APRA or PPCA (Australia) or ASCAP (USA) using this music in commercial fitness classes.

Namaste 3:39
Enchanted Forest 3:39
Awakening 2:51
Healing Energy 5:01
Piano Journey 4:06
Ambient Flow 4:34
Beat of the Drum 4:37
Reflective Glow 3:42
Mystic Gold 4:34
Sadhana Motion 3:25
Thoughtful Garden 4:34
Joyful Journey 4:13
Tribal Sway 4:34
Tranquil Tide 3:39
Healing Mind 2:51

License Free Music

All our music is license free, meaning you can use it online, or in any venue, with no licence fees to pay anywhere in the world!

Including online platforms like Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube without the risk of your video being muted or taken down.

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