Collection: Spin Music

The Best Royalty Free Spin Music For Spin Classes

Spinning is an excellent form of cardio, but as with most cardio workouts it’s also incredibly long and unless you have upbeat music, at times, very boring! That’s why music can help you ease the boredom and make it a lot more exciting and interesting.

Our selection of spin music can add a whole new dimension to your indoor cycling classes. Teaching a class with spin music can help your classes stay focused and make time fly during extended spinning sessions. We’ve handpicked all the tunes in our spin music playlists and you’ll find that they’re all suited for those long cardio sessions.

Up The Intensity With Our High Tempo Music

All of our Spin music is PPL and PRS license free and can be used in commercial spin classes, online classes, both pre-recorded for YouTube or Facebook and live streaming by Spin instructors.

Our tunes are easy to download and you don’t need to wait for a CD to arrive! Simply place an order and we’ll give you access to the MP3 downloads. This means you can play our music collections on any device that supports playing MP3s, no matter if it’s just a small Bluetooth speaker or a big sound system in your studio.