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45/15 Workout Music, Vol. 2

45/15 Workout Music, Vol. 2

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Volume 2 of our 45/15 workout music is a 27 minute HIIT workout with 4 rounds of 6 x 45 second efforts with 15 seconds rest and 60 second recovery periods.

The instruments used in this high intensity 160 BPM album includes synths, strings, guitar, trance plucks, impact thumping bass drum and various percussive parts and transition sound effects to keep the intensity of your workout flowing.

The introduction and round timer cues have a voice over that notify you when to start your efforts, rest and when to stop.

A 60 second count down rest period is given, notifying you when 45, 30 and 15 seconds are left before the start of the next round.

This 45/15 workout music is royalty free, meaning it can be used on online classes, both pre-recorded for YouTube or Facebook and live streaming by instructors.

You do not need a PPL or PRS license (UK), APRA or PPCA (Australia) or ASCAP (USA) using this music in commercial fitness classes.

Introduction 0:15
HIIT 1: 6 x 45 Seconds Effort / 15 Seconds Rest 6:00
Rest 1 1:00
HIIT 2: 6 x 45 Seconds Effort / 15 Seconds Rest 6:00
Rest 2 1:00
 HIIT 3: 6 x 45 Seconds Effort / 15 Seconds Rest 6:00
Rest 3 1:00
HIIT 4: 6 x 45 Seconds Effort / 15 Seconds Rest 6:00
End of workout 0:15

License Free Music

All our music is license free, meaning you can use it online, or in any venue, with no licence fees to pay anywhere in the world!

Including online platforms like Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube without the risk of your video being muted or taken down.

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