Collection: Circuit Training Music

The only good way to get pumped for a workout is with a good beat. Good music has the power to transform your interval workout from boring to bouncy and when you choose circuit training, you need those beats to keep you moving around the track. Circuit training music should be upbeat and match the intensity of the workout that you are putting in.

Finding music tracks to download for circuit training up to 30 minutes at a time doesn’t have to be difficult, not when WSHQ can provide you with the perfect tunes to get that spring in your step right through your MP3.

All of our circuit training music is designed to be in time with your workout, so putting your foot to the beat can keep you moving and in sync throughout. You won’t find any slow jams on these workouts, not when you need to keep up your heart rate and get you pumped for the session ahead. It’s all about fitting the music to your workout, and music for circuit training should be as intensive as the workout itself. If your circuit training music slowed down, you would slow down, too - not what you want!

Anyone can workout without a music playlist, but that doesn’t mean they should. It stimulates the brain to feel motivated, uplifted and happy, and music has the ability to distract you from the harsh workout and put your mind firmly on getting over the finish line. This is one of the most effective ways to have a great workout.