Collection: 7 Minute Workout

Get The Most Out Of Your Short Workouts

Workouts don’t need to be long, in fact, some of the best workouts are the shortest. In just 7 minutes, you can have a HIIT workout that makes you feel the burn! But, the secret to all successful workouts is ensuring you attack them with the right intensity. What’s the best way to do this? Well, we find that the right music is the perfect solution!

With our 7 Minute Workout Music, you’re given a soundtrack that perfectly complements every single workout. We’ve got three different volumes on offer, with each one delivering some super pumper up tunes that are guaranteed to make everyone sweat as much as possible. They can be downloaded onto your mobile device or laptop with ease, making them ideal for personal use when you’ve got 7 minutes to spare.

But, we think they’re fantastic for any exercise instructors that want to give their classes a little extra oomph. We don’t just pack a couple of songs into a short 7-minute playlist, we carefully construct this music to suit HIIT workouts. There are some banging dance and techno sounds, combined with a timer as well. You’re constantly notified of when to move onto the next exercise, and you’ve got a countdown rest period between each 2-minute effort as well. This ensures everyone keeps grinding away until the very end!

Music Is The Only Motivation You Need

It doesn’t take much to be motivated for an intense workout. In reality, music is the only motivator you need. So, download our 7 Minute Workout Music to see the brilliant benefits it brings. You’re driven towards new intensity levels as the sound fills your ears, but the encouragement and timer really add something different. This is what takes our music to a new level, making it far more beneficial than just a typical playlist.

So, if you’re struggling for motivation and aren’t getting the most out of your HIIT workouts, then you’ll love our 7 Minute Workout Music. Or, if you’ve got classes that need an extra push, then this is perfect for you as well.

Jumpstart Your Workouts Today In Just 7 Minutes

WSHQ: Workout Music has a range of different music albums and playlists for you to choose from. With our 7 Minute Workout Music, we’ve carefully constructed three different volumes for you to buy and download. Each one is different from the last, with some excellent music designed to push you further than ever before. They all include our timer feature and rest period countdowns, which means they’re specifically designed for 7 minute HIIT workouts.

What’s more, our MP3s are so easy for you to download, and you can have them on your device as soon as the payment is confirmed. Download and buy yours today, and you can keep it on your phone forever.

If you’d like a little demo of what to expect from our incredible 7 Minute Music, then feel free to check out the sounds below. Be warned, they just might get you pumped up for a workout right here and now!