Best of 2020

Best of 2020

This year has been a strange year for the fitness world with so many using online platforms to teach their fitness classes for the first time due to COVID-19 closing many gyms for large parts of 2020.

WSHQ released a record 20 new albums in 2020 to try to keep up with demand for license free music for fitness professionals.

Here is our top 5 albums of 2020:

1 > 130 BPM Workout Music, Vol. 1

130 bpm workout music volume 1

A new entry to our top 5 of the year and our first continuous workout music mix which has proved incredibley popular.

Lisa Townend says "Perfect for a range of classes including step, conditioning and low impact aerobics. The music does change as it goes thorough so you know where you are on the playlist. The 60 mins run time is great!"

You listen to the demo HERE

2 > Tabata Music, Vol. 3

tabata music volume 1

A ever popular album that has been around since 2014 and moves up 3 places from number 5 from 2019.

This Tabata album always provides lots of giggles which is something we have needed in 2020!

Alex says "I love this track! He is motivational, funny and is great grit to get you through those slightly tougher workouts "The pain trains a coming....."

You can listen to the demo HERE


3 > 45/15 Workout Music, Vol. 1

45/15 workout music volume 1

A return to the top 5 for this classic HIIT workout after dropping out of the top 5  last year for the first time since 2014.

Lesley says "LOVE this!! Fabulous HIIT music, absolutely spot on! Please do another 45/15 ASAP"

Well Lesley, we listen to you as last week we released the long awaited Volume 2!

You can listen to the demo HERE


4 > Relaxing Music, Vol. 1

relaxing music volume 1

Another new entry to our top 5 of 2020, this time by our new sister brand specialising in relaxing music RMCO.

Rachel says "I use this for my Pilates Class so people can relax but not be distracted by the music, they say they enjoy it and it helps them feel at ease."

You can listen to the demo HERE


5 > Yoga Music With Niki Wibrow, Vol. 2

yoga music with niki wibrow volume 1

Another new entry to the top 5 for 2020 with this previous entry from 2017 and for first time in our top 5 we have 2 relaxing music albums.

Our 2nd volume of relaxing Yoga music with Niki Wibrow inspired by her love of the La Playa is split into 18 enjoyable tracks.

You can listen to the demo HERE.



I think predicting is a hard one after COVID-19 threw this curve ball at us but I think online fitness classes will continue to grow while the world trys to get back to normal.

What do you think? What does 2021 look like to you?


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