Boxing Music, Vol. 1

Boxing Music, Vol. 1

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Get in the ring with our lean, mean Boxing Workout Music. At a brisk 23 minutes, this guided workout packs a punch. With ringside sound effects and cues by ring announcer Ted Lerner who notifies you when 1 and 2 minutes have gone with an end of round bell after 3 minutes, you have constant verbal encouragement and cues to take the guesswork out of achieving the perfect workout intervals.

The pumping electronic groove will get you in the zone and motivate you to peak performance. The workout has 6 rounds of 3 minutes with a 60 second recovery period.

Pick your favorite boxing-relevant exercises - punching bag, agility drills, rope skipping, or any high-intensity physical activity you enjoy. Gloves optional.

Our Boxing Workout Music follows the following sequence:


Introduction 0:15
ROUND 1: 3 x 60 Second Efforts 3:00
REST 1 1:00
ROUND 2: 3 x 60 Second Efforts 3:00
REST 2 1:00
ROUND 3: 3 x 60 Second Efforts 3:00
REST 3 1:00
ROUND 4: 3 x 60 Second Efforts 3:00
REST 4 1:00
ROUND 5: 3 x 60 Second Efforts 3:00
REST 5 1:00
ROUND 6: 3 x 60 Second Efforts 3:00
End of workout 0:15


Boxing workouts are some of the best around. Intense and well-rounded, they improve cardiovascular health, total-body strength, body composition, and hand-eye coordination. Boxing workouts have also proven to relieve stress and aid in emotional balance. They have the added benefit of being easy to do at home - especially with the aid of our specialized Boxing Workout Music.

Our experts have carefully designed this workout to be both effective and user-friendly. Twenty-three minutes of intense exercise is easy to fit into your day. This workout increases the heart rate while working out the core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest legs, hips, glutes, and arms. This sequence works great solo, or with a sparring partner.

The workout is available as an MP3 download immediately upon purchase. Add Boxing Workout Music to your cart now and join the fight for fitness!

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