Christmas Workout Ideas

Christmas Workout Ideas

christmas workoutThis is a popular Christmas workout you can use in your bootcamp or in the studio of the gym using a box and some gift tags.


  • Box
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Christmas gift tags
  • Pen

Wrapped your box up like a Christmas present with a small hole big enough to get your hand in.

On each tag write a number on it and a exercise. For example it might say 7 Burpees.

Fill your box with tags.


We don't have any license free Christmas music yet so I use the MMA workout music but you could equally use any of the Aerobics music without the voiceovers.

The MMA workout music is a 5 minutes on, 1 minute off workout with 5 sets in total. 


This workout is designed to be fun but is quite deceiving. There are a number of different ways you can do this workout.

But I usually pair people up that have been a while with someone new.

Create a large square with some cones or use a tree as marker. It should take them around 30 seconds to run around it.

1 of the pairs runs round the square and back picks a tag from the present box and they both have to complete the exercise on the tag. Then the other person runs, takes a tag, etc.

They have to complete as many times as they can in the 5 minutes.

As there are 5 rounds you can swap partners each round and add different rules.

For example double reps, triple reps, get 2 tags, 3 tags, swap partners, add some bonus tags, etc.

  • Round 1 - Get 1 tag
  • Round 2 - Double reps
  • Round 3 - Get 2 tags
  • Round 4 - Swap partners + add some new bonus tags
  • Round 5 - Get 3 tags


Finish with 12 days of Christmas!

  • 1st day = 1 Burpee
  • 2nd day = 2 Squat Thrusts

Think of 12 days of exercise you want to give them. But each time you have to go back to 1st day.

I made my lot sing the song too for extra banter!


Up and down the country now every December there are Santa runs taking place. This is the perfect way to tie in this workout and raise extra cash for the charity putting on the Santa run.

Contact your local Santa run and volunteer to lead the warm up and generally help get involved.

Tell them your planning on doing a Santa workout to help raise money for there charity and your planning to bring alot of boot campers to there Santa Run so could you help cross promote each other?

The local press love the local Santa runs and we have often featured in the build up to to the big day as one of the local companies helping organise it, great brand awareness on the day of fun run and after in the local papers because when you take that many bootcampers chances are at least one of them will feature in the local press.

One year the local tv crew filmed us doing the warm up = RESULT! Also a opportunity to hand out flyers to finishers and spectators.

The workout ususally takes place after the Santa run at a later date so people can wear there suits again or get dressed up as reindeers, etc.

At the very least people should wear a Santa hat for your workout to make the group photo look awesome!

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