Walk All Over Cancer

Walk All Over Cancer

Cancer Research UK is asking you to take 10,000 steps everyday in March to help raise funds for the charity.

10K steps equals around five miles so by the end of the month you’d have walked 150 which is about the distance from London to Manchester.

WSHQ® has some handy tips on how you can reach your goals this month.

“There are plenty of ways you can hit your daily target - rack up the numbers by walking to work instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalators, go for a family walk at the weekend, or even giving the dog a month of extra walks or if you haven’t got one you could offer to take your friends or family’s dog.”

“Don’t worry if one day you don’t get your steps in, you can always get the steps up across the next week.”

“It’ll help you get fit and feel amazing as you step up to raise money for life-saving cancer research. Whether you walk to work, take up jogging, or give the lift a miss, the money you raise will help thousands of people in the future.”

If you would like to Walk All Over Cancer in 2019 then visit cancerresearchuk.org

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