How to Make the Ideal Exercise Music Playlist for Your Fitness Class

How to Make the Ideal Exercise Music Playlist for Your Fitness Class

Music can make or break a fitness class. According to LG, 91% of people believe that music is needed more during a workout than during a commute, shower, or sex. The right mix of music will motivate your class to complete your workout and keep them coming for more sessions.

On the other hand, the wrong exercise music playlist will bore your students and ensure they never come to another class. Some people may even walk out of your class as they may find it impossible to exercise to horrible music.

For many people, the allure of a fitness class is the loud music they will be listening to as they complete their reps. It is therefore important to provide a fun and memorable experience for them. This way, whenever they hear a particular song, they'll remember their workout session with you.

Read on for some great strategies on how to create a music playlist that will make your fitness classes a joy to attend.

Check the BPM of Each Song

Beats per minute (BPM) is a way of measuring the tempo of a song. The higher the number of beats in a song per minute the faster the tempo. It is the general experience of most people that fast tempo music motivates them to exercise harder and faster.

However, some songs may appear to be fast but end up doing nothing for your motivation. This is because they may have a low bpm. Experts recommend that exercise songs should have a bpm of between 120 to 140.

To know a song’s bpm, you can count manually. Play the song for exactly 15 seconds and count the beats during that time. Multiply the beats you count by four and you will have the song's bpm. You can find software online to check the bpm of each song for you.

When creating your playlist, you can even search for songs that have the bpm you require. This way you can be sure that your playlists tempo will suit your fitness class.

Your Music Should Fit The Fitness Class

When selecting songs for your exercise music playlist you need to remember to choose song genres that match the fitness class you teach. Some fitness classes can work with any kind of music whereas other fitness classes like salsa or line dancing will be better with Latin music and country music respectively.

Some types of classes will also require slower-paced music as compared to others. For example, the music you play at a spinning class will need to be fast-paced songs. On the other hand, yoga classes will need calm and quiet music to put the class into a meditative space.

Tailor Your Exercise Music Playlist To Your Audience

Your exercise music playlist should have the demographic of the class in mind. If you will be teaching a senior’s aerobics class, then you can select oldies music that your class will enjoy dancing to. On the other hand, if you have a group of teenagers in your class then it will be important to have the latest pop music to keep them engaged.

While organizing your playlist, be sure to include music that your class may have not heard of before but may like. It is always nice to be introduced to something new at a fitness class as one of the reasons people go to classes is to have new experiences. For classes that have a diverse group of people, create a playlist with a range of music so that everyone feels included.

Get Song Requests from Your Class

To motivate your class, you should ask them what songs get their heart rates up and bring them to ‘beast mode’ when working out. Most people have that one song which pushes them to run up that hill, complete the plank sets or lift those last sets. Including these songs in your fitness class will not only motivate your class but make them feel appreciated as well.

Match the Music’s Tempo to Your Workout Stage

Your fitness classes should have a warm-up session, the main workout, and a cool-down session. To make the most of your music, match the beat and tempo to the workout stage. You will need mid-tempo songs with a strong beat to start your workout and get your class into the right mindset to workout. For a seven-minute warm-up, you would need two songs.

For the main workout, you should go all out with high tempo music with motivational messages. This is the hardest part of the workout and the music you choose will need to motivate everyone to push hard and use all their energy. It has now been scientifically proven that high tempo music increases performance by pushing the listener to exercise faster and harder.

In case there is a new routine that you want to teach your class, you can change the music to something slower and quieter that will increase the focus of your class members.

During the cooldown, you will need a couple of low-intensity songs to bring heart rates back down to normal. This is the best time to play love songs and sentimental music that will help your class remember happy times and associate your class with those happy memories. Include feel-good songs that will congratulate your students for the hard work they just did.

Play The Latest Club Songs

For many people past the clubbing stage, their fitness class is the only place they can go to get their endorphins through dancing. Creating an exercise music playlist with the latest club songs will keep your class current and hip. They will also be able to have a clubbing experience without ever stepping into one.

Your Exercise Music Playlist Is Crucial To Your Fitness Class’ Success

Music is a great motivator and can help your fitness class workout to their maximum potential. It is therefore crucial that you get it right when creating your exercise music playlist. The above strategies are sure to help you create an amazing playlist.

For the perfect tunes for your next class, contact us today to find the best fit.

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