7 Ways to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Spin Classes

7 Ways to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Spin Classes

While a spin class can greatly benefit those who are looking to get into and stay and shape, it can also get a bit boring. This is just the natural result of riding in place for an extended period of time. Because they can get boring, spin classes need to feature some elements which will keep their participants' interests piqued. One element that you should never do without in a spin class is music. But what type of music? How do you create a satisfactory music playlist for your class? By making use of these tips, that's how!

1. Span a Wide Variety of Genres

If you're in charge of a general, theme-less spin class, you're going to have participants from all walks of life in class with you. Because of this, you need to make sure that you're playing music from a wide variety of genres. You might have 8 participants who love hip-hop, 5 participants who love electronic, 7 participants who love rock, and 6 participants who love country music. You can't play only electronic songs and expect a country music lover to be inspired by them. The goal is to mix different genres in throughout the workout. Play 2 country songs, then 2 rock songs, then 2 hip-hop songs, then 2 electronic songs, for example. Don't allow any one genre to play for too long continuously. Switching around genres in this way will keep all of your participants inspired, and will keep the workout fresh.

2. Throw in a Couple of "Out There" Selections

While you can certainly throw in some great songs from the top 40, you shouldn't stop at only the top 40. There are a lot of great songs out there that no one has ever heard. Every once in a while in your playlist, you should throw one of these songs in. Having a surprising song like this in your playlist will break up the monotony of the top 40, and (hopefully) catch the interest of the participants in your class. However, this doesn't just mean that you should throw any old song in. Rack your mind for good songs that you've heard over the years. Look up past hits and see if there's anything that you find catchy.

3. Leave Out the Slow Stuff

To keep the participants in your class pedalling at their optimal abilities, you need to play songs which are motivational and inspiring. For the most part, this will completely eliminate slow songs from your playlist. The majority of slow songs don't possess the rhythmic energy or motivational lyrics which are needed to keep your feet moving. In fact, a lot of the slow songs you come across are downright sad. The last thing you want is a class full of riders with tears streaming down their faces. As a general rule of thumb, it's typically not wise to choose songs which don't contain any drum beats.

4. Choose Songs That Inspire

As was just noted above, when preparing music for your spin classes, you need to choose songs which are inspiring and motivational. Songs with lyrics about overcoming adversity as well as songs about having a good time are always a winning option. These songs have "feel-good" messages which will keep your participants' physical and psychological spirits up, allowing them to keep on pushing when they get tired. In terms of rhythm and tempo, you should be looking for upbeat and fast songs. Your best bet is to find songs which will match the speeds and rhythms at which the feet of your participants are moving.

5. Let the Participants in Your Class Help You

While you're obviously the leader of your class, there's no harm in letting the participants in your class have some input. Different participants may have different musical preferences. Taking these preferences into account will help your participants pedal to their max capabilities. If you and a participant in your class can agree on a few songs, you should absolutely throw them in the playlist. Of course, you don't want your class to absolutely dominate the playlist. You need to be inspired and motivated as well. The key is to take musical input, but in moderation.

6. Use the Music as a Soundtrack to Your Spinning

Music is capable of altering a person's psychology in both positive and negative ways. In some cases, music can provide a workout with an even bigger boost than water, proper nutrition, and stretching. For this reason, you need to treat your spin class playlist like its a soundtrack. The style of music being played needs to align with the type of pedalling that is happening in the class. Let's say your class is pedalling fast while going uphill. On this occasion, you would be best served by an energetic, upbeat, and fast-paced song. On the other hand, let's say your class is moving at a mid-level pace. This would be better accompanied by a smooth, mid-tempo, relaxing song.

7. Consider Themed Classes

A final option is to create spin classes which follow a specific theme. Classes of these types will attract specific types of people, all of whom are interested in hearing the same types of music. Perhaps you could do a 70's-themed class in which you only play songs of the 1970's? Maybe you could do a hip-hop themed class? In either case, your participants will know exactly what to expect, and will show up according to whether or not they enjoy the theme. These themed classes will also keep the music fresh for your ears. It doesn't get too much worse than listening to the same 25 songs over and over again.

Looking to Optimize Your Spin Classes?

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