Tabata Music, Vol. 3

Tabata Music, Vol. 3

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Make Your the Most Out of Your Tabata Home Work Out with Tabata

The Japanese workout craze of Tabata is sweeping the world. It is one of the best workouts for when you choose to exercise at home. To make sure that you maximize your Tabata workout, it is essential to pick the right kind of music.

Tabata is a very intense form of exercise and to keep you going, you need to have access to what can only be described as get-up-and-go-music. But, as a Tabata workout fan, you will know there is more to Tabata than music. This is exactly what you get when you buy Tabata Music, Vol 3.

You may have your own Tabata routine you enjoy. Setting up a Tabata workout is not so challenging after you have tried a couple of classes. You soon find out
what your body needs and how Tabata can benefit you. Finding the right kind of Tabata music is more challenging than finding the right routine. As a Tabata
enthusiast, you will know how essential the periods of intense activity and rest are when you opt for this form of exercise.

This is where Tabata Music, Vol 3 comes in. It provides you with the right music and session breaks for your workout.

Top reasons for investing in Tabata music:

  • The right music for your workout
  • Allows for proper periods of rest and activity
  • Correctly spaced out breaks
  • Notifies you when you are about to start the next session
  • Suitable for professional as well as home workout enthusiasts
  • Great fun music

The addition of Mr. T calling out new sessions makes Tabata Music, Vol 3 the perfect choice. Not only does it make the sessions easier to follow, but it makes
it more fun at the same time. If you can have some fun when working out, it will make all of the difference. Not only that, buying this music lets you save
money in the long run. No longer do you need to go to the gym. Tabata music by WSHQ is a thrill to exercise to, and you should get started sooner rather than

The introduction and timer cues by our very own crazy fool notifies you when to start, stop and rest.

A 60 second count down rest period is given after each 4 minute Tabata, notifying you when 45, 30 and 15 seconds are left before the start of the next round.


TABATA 1 - 8 x 20 Seconds Effort / 10 Seconds Rest 4:00
REST 1 1:00
TABATA 2 - 8 x 20 Seconds Effort / 10 Seconds Rest 4:00
REST 2 1:00
TABATA 3 - 8 x 20 Seconds Effort / 10 Seconds Rest 4:00
REST 3 1:00
TABATA 4 - 8 x 20 Seconds Effort / 10 Seconds Rest 4:00
REST 4 1:00
TABATA 5 - 8 x 20 Seconds Effort / 10 Seconds Rest 4:00

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